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Dylan McLernon


1999 - 2013 Bachelor of Fine Art with distinction (Sculpture), Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary Alberta

2006 - 2008 Digital Media Design Diploma, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Edmonton Alberta


2013 Cosmic Tempo, solo exhibit, EPCOR Centre for Performing Arts, Marion Nicoll +15 display, Calgary Alberta

2013 Grad Show, group exhibit, Alberta College of Art + Design, Illingworth Kerr Gallery (main space), Calgary Alberta

2013 This Way Out, group exhibit, Alberta College of Art + Design, Ivan Gallery, Calgary Alberta

2013 New Brew, group exhibit, Alberta College of Art + Design, Main Mall, Calgary Alberta

2012 Behold-Begone, group exhibit, Alberta College of Art + Design, Ivan Gallery, CalgaryAlberta

2011 More 3D than You, group exhibit, Alberta College of Art + Design, Ivan Gallery, Calgary Alberta

2010 What I Did On My Summer Vacation, group exhibit, Alberta College of Art + Design, Marion Nicoll Gallery (main space), Calgary Alberta

Professional Services

September - December 2015 Sculpture Technician, Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary Alberta

2014 - 2015 Sculptor/Tech — Veterinary Simulator Industries, Calgary Alberta

2013 Gallery Tech, Alberta College of Art + Design, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary Alberta

2012 - 2013 Sculptor, Heavy Industries, Calgary Alberta

2010 - 2013 Sculpture Monitor, Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary Alberta


2013 Jason Lang Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement

Volunteer Work

2008 - 2010 Club President: Capital Region Archery Club, Edmonton Alberta

2002 - 2010 Coach: Capital Region Archery Club, Edmonton Alberta

Technical Abilities

Expert Sculptor with Bronze, Clay, Concrete, Epoxy Resin, Fiberglass, Silicone Rubber, Steel, Stone, Urethane Plastic, Wood. Strong skills in Bronze Foundry, Carving, Casting, Modeling, Mould Making, Welding. Expert at Drawing, Painting and Wood Burning. Expert at bringing work from concept to completion. High level Research and Writing. Good presentation skills.

Artist Statement 2016


We are dust, in every star we are the luminous aurora, we are seeds of the earth, in every flower we are the pollen riding heavy on bees hind legs, we are soil, fertile, and rich in promise.

We are dust, in all the soil we are drought, seed strands modified, in every bee we are a pesticide, in every flower we are a herbicide, the harbingers of death.

We are dust, clouded perception, spirit in darkness, we are blind to ourselves, without vision we will author our demise.

This poem is at the core of my work. It represents a need for reconciliation between the human spirit and cosmological. My most recent sculptures are still in progress. They stem from a previous work I called Where Are We? 2013 and Satellite 2013. These two pieces also followed the theme of reconciliation and the need for communication. Where Are We? represented a human vessel or spirit travelling in the unknown, and Satellite is a beacon. The work represents our struggle to reconcile with technology and nature. Now I have come to understand that at their root, these two sculptures are seeds. Everything we know is a seed. The sun is the seed of life on earth. Pollen is the male + female seed of a flower — producing fruits and vegetables in many plants. Finally and not least of all the seeds of our human imagination. Seeds have become a topic of great discussion because of companies like Monsanto and Bayer. These two are the leaders in genetic modification. They have come under great scrutiny in Europe and now Canada. This inquiry is directly related to neonicotinoid laced seeds, which have been producing food crops that destroy honey bee colonies, and kill other pollinators. We are killing for profit. Without vision, we will author our own demise.

I have moved from working with power tools to working almost solely by hand. It is a struggle for me as an artist to reconcile with nature and the constant question of my origin and purpose. I feel that in order to do right by my art I need to work organically, so my work now mostly consists of naturally occurring or biodegradable materials. I choose to carve, because of the meditative qualities it produces in me. It makes me sweat and soothes anxiety. I put my body and soul into my work. By using abstract forms to represent my thoughts I open up the meaning of a piece for viewer interpretation, allowing for a deeper relationship with the work.

My work is about the play between diminutive and immense. A star, our sun plays a truly important role in bees lives — it is their navigational device, and source of food. Human beings rely on both the sun and honey bees for survival. All of my work is ultimately about reevaluating hierarchal importance. The message from the holy bible is that we have dominion over nature. I work to seed a different way of thinking.

Artist Interests


Barbara Hepworth
Brian Jungen
Eva Koch
Giuseppe Penone (Spazio Di Luce)
Isamu Noguchi
Maya Lin
Shirazeh Houshiary
Wolfgang Laib

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